Privacy Policy
This document is issued by the Service Provider, Financr Pty Ltd, ACN: 642 487 910

There are 4 SECTIONS included in this form.By consenting to each section, at the end of this "Privacy and Electronic Communications Consent Agreement" form, you are indicating that you have carefully read and given willing, informed, direct and not implied consent to the contents of each section. Please read each Section carefully.

By signing or otherwise consenting to this agreement, you consent to Financr collecting, holding, using and disclosing personal identification and credit information about you that you have provided to the company.  If you do not provide us with this consent we will be unable to provide you with our services.  This policy contains detailed information concerning the company’s management and use of your information.As well as reading this document, you are strongly encouraged to read the Credit Information (Privacy) Management Policy on our website and/or provided in hard or electronic copy as you may request, before you provide any personal information.  In all our dealings with you, we will assume that you have done so.

Use of your Information - Australian Privacy Principle 6
In accordance with Sections 21G, 21H, 21J and 21 M of the Privacy Act, Financr collects and holds your personal identification and credit information only to introduce you to a lender, in our referring role.

Sources of information
By signing or otherwise consenting to this agreement, you give Financr permission to collect information only from yourself.  All information collected is for credit related purposes only.

Your identity and other information verification
Financr will not make any attempt to verify any information you provide to us. That is an action you may permit a lender we introduce to you to undertake.

Information disclosure to other entities
Financr may disclose your personal information to:
·  related, associated and/or connected companies and their agents to update and contribute to their consumer files;
· compliance and legal advisers for the purpose of our business;
· ASIC at their request, as required by law;
· AUSTRAC at their request, as required by law; and
· any court or tribunal as may be required by law.

Financr may disclose information to Financr’s lenders.

Referred information
The information we may provide, when acting as a referrer, may include the following:
· personal details (excluding contacting information);
· loan details; and
· income details.

Period to which this understanding applies
The information may be collected or disclosed by us at any time after you have provided it to us, until you request us, in writing, to delete it from our files.

Access to your personal information
You may request the opportunity to inspect the credit information we hold about you subject to us being able to identify you. You can apply to Financr to obtain access to your personal and credit information by contacting the Privacy Compliance Manager by email at

Direct marketing
By signing or otherwise consenting to this agreement, you consent to Financr, and related, connected and associated companies, sending you direct marketing promotional information concerning Financr, and related, connected and associated companies’ products and/or credit activities.  

Should you not wish to receive this direct marketing material, you may notify the sender at any time using the link provided at the bottom of any email message or the Opt Out facility provided in any SMS the sender sends to you.

Concerns and complaints
If you have any privacy management concerns or complaints, please contact Financr's Privacy Compliance Manager by email at  

Information Disclosure and Communications Under the SPAM Act 2003
You are informed that Section 16 of the Spam Act provides that Financr cannot communicate with you via a “commercial electronic message” (email, fax, SMS)without your consent.  As you would expect, for speed and convenience, where possible and with your permission, Financr would prefer to communicate with you using such electronic means.  Without your permission, written communications will have to be conveyed by Australia Post.

The Electronic Transactions Act 1999
You are informed that the Electronic Transactions Act requires that, before Financr can communicate with you electronically (email, fax, SMS), you also have to give permission under that Act for Financr to communicate with you in that way. We seek your permission to send you electronic messages, rather than providing paper copies. You are informed that, in giving this permission, you are agreeing to:
(a)  use the relevant computer programs and have sufficient internet capacity to interact with Financr’s system;
(b)  regularly check your email Inbox and/or fax machine and/or SMS Inbox;
(c)  not blame Financr if any properly sent electronic message does not reach you; and
(d)  notify Financr of any changes to your electronic addresses, and absolve Financr of any liability if you fail to do so.

We remind you that you can withdraw your permission for the above at any time, provided you give Financr 24 hours' notice, confirming your current address and contact details.

Information Disclosure Under the Commonwealth Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Legislation
You are informed that, under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism FinancingAct 2006 (AML/CTF Act), there are provisions for AUSTRAC to seek personal information that you may have provided to us and under the law we must provide this information. Financr does not attempt to obtain identity verification, with or without reference to a credit reporting body, and provisions in the Act concerning identity verification and credit reporting bodies are therefore not applicable to Financr.